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The Hanging Tree lyrics


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     The Hanging Tree
    >> Marty Robbins
        I came to town to search for gold
    And I brought with me a memory
    And I seem to hear the night wind cry,
    "Go hang your dreams on the hangin' tree
    Your dreams of love that could never be
    Hang your faded dreams on the hangin' tree!"
    I searched tor gold and I found my gold
    And I found a girl who loved just me
    And I wished that I could love her too
    But I'd left my heart on the hangin' tree
    I'd left my heart with a memory
    And a faded dream on the hangin' tree.
    Now there were men who craved my gold
    And meant to take my gold from me
    When a man is gone he needs no gold
    So they carried me to the hangin' tree
    To join my dreams and a memory
    Yes they carried me to the hangin' tree.
    To really live you must almost die
    And it happened just that way with me
    They took the gold and set me free
    And I walked away from the hangin' tree
    I walked away from the hangin' tree
    And my own true love, she walked with me!
    That's when I knew that the hangin' tree
    Was a tree of life, new life for me
    A tree of hope, new hope for me
    A tree of love, new love tor me
    The hangin' tree, the hangin' tree, the hangin' tree!
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